Our Mission

Supporting institutions, organizations and change agents working to address the challenges of the 21st century. We help organizations bridge knowledge across sectors and develop the learning systems necessary to deal with the challenges of today and build the adaptive capacity to address the challenges of tomorrow.

We do this through the advancement of adaptive practice across knowledge domains, incorporating a systemic perspective and complexity-aware approach to strategy, planning, management and evaluation, and by facilitating cross-sectoral collaboration.


Many of the challenges of the 21st century are addressed by SDGs. However, realizing the SDGs will require a new mindset, a complexity-aware approach and holistic outlook. The SDGs are interconnected, dynamic and complex with interdependent goals and targets. Systems thinking and creativity will be required.

What do the Sustainable Development Goals mean for you?


  • A knowledge broker
  • A mission-driven consulting practice

We are systems thinkers, facilitators, researchers and practitioners passionate about bridging knowledge and fostering learning and innovation across sectors to inform policy and practice.

  • Design and Innovation
  • Strategy and Planning
  • Facilitation and Training
  • Monitoring Evaluation and Learning