AdaptivePurpose is a social enterprise based in Copenhagen Denmark and Washington DC.  We provide training, facilitation and consulting services to non-profit, NGO, social enterprise and private-sector impact organizations in adaptive design, strategy, and evaluation.

We help facilitate collective learning processes within multi-stakeholder collaborations and partnerships and build the capacity of organizations and change agents to take effective action, monitor progress and measure impact.

We help organizations address their adaptive challenges, innovate, and learn in order to achieve the transformative change needed for a better future.



Kirsten Bording Collins

I started AdaptivePurpose after repeatedly witnessing the difficulties organizations have working in conditions of great complexity and uncertainty.  Institutions of all kinds (private, public, civil society) are facing tremendous adaptive challenges globally.  I wanted to build a social enterprise that would harness the latest methods and approaches to build the adaptive capacity of organizations and change agents working on the most critical challenges of this century, and help them effectively meet these challenges.  I am driven by the strong belief that it is possible to create a sustainable, equitable future, but it will require transformative change at all levels of society.

My passion is to help organizations and change agents better understand their changing contexts; see the larger systems they are working in; and appreciate the interrelationships between the parts of these systems and where points of maximum leverage may be.  I help organizations design initiatives, monitor progress; and evaluate their efforts through adaptive cycles of learning and innovation.  I draw from systems thinking, human-centered design, the complexity sciences and my experience in the NGO sector and international development and affairs field working with a wide variety of actors.  I have worked across several sectors including democracy & governance, social and economic development, the environment and human rights. I have worked with NGOs such as CARE, World Learning, Heifer International and the NALEO Educational Fund in the US, as well as universities, and the U.S. government. This experience has taken me to Eurasia, Latin America, and China and across the US.

I grew up in Copenhagen, Denmark and now split my time between Washington, DC and Copenhagen Denmark.  I have an MA in International Administration from the Korbel School of International Studies and a BA in International Relations. I also pursued further studies in Organizational Development and Change; measurement and evaluation; and obtained a Certificate in Systems Practice from the Open University, UK.

You can contact me at kbcollins(at)adaptivepurpose(dot)org