We partner with government, non-government, and social enterprise organizations to increase awareness of the value of adaptive, systemic and complexity-aware approaches to governance, environmental and urban sustainability and social change efforts. We use the power of interdisciplinary collaboration and draw from systems thinking and complexity science to focus on the human element in complex systems. We facilitate collaboration and experimentation in the application of adaptive frameworks, methods and tools. and build capacity in the use of promising approaches.

Knowledge brokering

As a knowledge broker, we link different sectors and diverse stakeholders to develop relationships and networks.

  • We facilitate collaboration and knowledge exchange across a diverse range of perspectives.
  • We help organizations implement learning systems and processes to better capture emerging trends, and opportunities and to facilitate adaptive management approaches.
  • We help incorporate multiple sources of information among users and producers of knowledge to better inform decision-making processes, policy and practice.
  • We help forge new connections across knowledge domains , enable joint knowledge production and improve the innovative capabilities of organizations and change agents.
  • We help build a shared understanding of an issue or situation of concern to better inform change processes.
  • Strategy, Planning, and Evaluation

    We focus on adaptive approaches to strategy and planning, managing and evaluation to help organizations and change agents better address the dynamic and often complex interplay of relationships, influences and uncertainty which is often present in social and environmental change processes.

    We offer a complexity-aware approach which complements traditional approaches to planning, monitoring and evaluation drawing from systems and complexity theory. This approach helps build increased situational awareness allowing you to better identify patterns and leverage points for systemic change.

    Training, and Capacity building

    We develop and offer workshops tailored to a range of audiences and participants which aim to develop capacity in systemic thinking and dealing with complexity.

    Through our consulting services, we customize our approach to each organization's unique operating environment to help organizations build and sustain adaptive capacity. This generally involves some or all of the following:

  • Develop an awareness and better understanding of your external environment and all its dynamics, complexities and interdependencies;
  • Regularly monitor, assess and respond to internal as well as external changes;
  • Instituting a system for learning and accessing knowledge and information on a continual and iterative basis;
  • Regularly assess and evaluate your organizational and programmatic operations and use this data plan or modify future activities;
  • Greater engagement with other people, organizations and networks;
  • Developing flexible operating systems; and most importantly